2 Views—Which One Are You?

1st view
I am but a vapor on this ball of mud for a few years. Then to the dirt I will return. I wish I knew (or wish I really believed) that there was something after this life. That I could hope for some great beyond. Truth is, I never have. My parents didn’t believe in anything more, and I don’t either. When we die, we die, and that’s it.

That’s why it’s so important to make the most of the time we have here on earth. Time is short and we should use it wisely to make our mark on the world and leave a lasting legacy.

Or maybe we just shouldn’t worry about all that in the first place, since there’s no real point to life anyway. However it is that we ended up here (evolution, aliens dropped us here, etc.), we’re here. But for what purpose? To live and die and cease to exist? I guess so. But that all seems so…harsh. Surely there’s some purpose for it all.

But how could there be? There certainly is no God, so there certainly can’t be a grand design behind our human existence. We just got here somehow. And someday we’ll no longer be here. Maybe the aliens will scoop all of us up and plant us on a new planet in another galaxy…

2nd view
I am a child of the living God, or so the song goes. That being said, I struggle every day with trying to live up to that moniker. Much of the time I act like a true heathen, one who has no idea there even is a God.

But I know God loves me all the same. I can ask His forgiveness for the wrong things I do and I know that He forgives me. The Bible, His word, tells me that.

My daily struggle sometimes sidetracks me from the truth—that someday I’ll be with God in Heaven. And there I will live with Him for eternity. Forever. “And that’s a mighty long time” in the words of Prince. But seriously, believers in Christ will live forever with God in peace and harmony.

Everyday life sometimes overshadows what should be joy over this truth. But as a believer, I keep on trusting in faith that when the time comes, that truth will indeed come to pass. It’s all I really have on this earth.

So which view do you most identify with? I really want to know so please leave your comments below. If you don’t identify with either, or if you have a different view altogether, I’d love to hear it. Thanks.

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