Thoughts On a Chaotic World

It seems like the whole world has gone crazy. 

All you have to do is turn on the news and you see people acting out in outlandish ways that would have been unheard of a few years ago. Gone is the semblance of any respect for law enforcement officers. They are berated, yelled at, and insulted without any thought that these people in uniform are human beings just like the agitators, with families of their own. 

They are sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers. A generation ago, I don’t think we would have dreamed of treating police officers that way. The police were looked up to as symbols of authority. 

Maybe we didn’t like the idea of police patrolling the highways, setting up speed traps, and writing tickets, but we respected them nonetheless as those placed into positions of authority to help maintain and enforce the laws, the tenets of our democratic society. 

All that seems to be gone these days, however. It’s sad to think that today’s children are seeing such a gross display of rebellion. There is certainly nothing wrong with protesting and having your point of view heard, but what we’re seeing from today’s professional (and paid) protesters is nothing short of anarchy. 

If one of these paid mercenaries were a victim of a violent crime—an assault or worse yet, a rape—these same police officers would be some of first responders on the scene to give aid and find the perpetrator. But none of that is taken into consideration, as ACAB (All Cops Are B******S) and should be treated as such.

It’s hard to watch really. I can’t help but think all that we’re seeing today is bringing us one step closer to the end times and the return of Jesus. To be truthful, I hope the rapture comes soon, before things get too much worse. 

Of course, only the Father knows when that time is, and He had all this planned out before time began. Reading the Bible, we learn that things are supposed to get chaotic before that time comes, so it’s not surprising that it seems that the world is falling apart at the seams. 

I just wonder how much worse it will get before we see His return. Already, we’re seeing stories and images on the news that I’ve only ever seen in other countries. Explosions, fires, riots, violence, whole city blocks taken over by protesters—chaos here in the U.S. that makes it appear that no one is in control of anything. 

How much more can the country take before there is total anarchy? It makes me wonder if there is a grand plan behind all this madness. Is there someone or a group of someones who is pulling the strings and managing the chaos? 

Or is it just a result of generations brought up to resent those in control, coupled with the isolation and boredom brought about by a global pandemic? It surely has been the perfect storm these past few months, bringing our nation to the tipping point of hatred, agitation, and violence.

Will things die down after the Presidential election, no matter who wins? Of course, no one knows the answer to that question—or do they? Will the grand orchestration of chaos come to an end if a new President is elected? Is that what this is all about? 

Perhaps the plan is to make the country appear to be in such a terrible state under the current administration that the only solution is to vote the President out and bring in a new face. 

If that is the truth, then only a select few know that. The general public is certainly not privy to that kind of knowledge, although many of us can certainly wonder about it and question out loud if that is the plan.

Whatever the truth and whatever the outcome of the election, it will be interesting to see how the country responds afterward. We’ll have to see if the protests and violence die down if Biden is elected, or if they perhaps heighten if Trump is re-elected. 

Only time will tell. In the meantime, all most of us can do is simply sit by and watch the madness like spectators in the stands of some huge game.

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