Adjust or Else

What does it mean to adjust? Change obviously. Adapt in some way. It means to make a change in order to bring about desired results.

To make the proper adjustments, however, we must know what the desired outcome(s) is. Sometimes this means asking ourselves the hard questions: What is it that we really want out of life? What are we willing (and able) to do to make this happen?

Once we know what we want, then we can create a road map for getting there. But until we have that vision fully formed in our head, there’s no way to know which direction to begin in.

Adjustment is not a one-time thing. In fact, it’s a constant. Life is not set up so that we can just turn the cruise control on, lean back in the seat, and relax.

Just as with driving down a curvy road that winds through hills and valleys, we must remain alert, vigilant, and ready to roll with whatever punches life throws our way.

Adjust. That’s the name of the game. Adapt. Be ready to change what’s not working in favor of something that will work.

Having to adjust does not mean you’ve failed. It doesn’t even mean—as has often been said—that you’ve found one more way that doesn’t work. It just means making a course correction so that your end destination stays in sight.

The potholes in the life’s roadway, along with fallen trees, washed out pavement, and other obstacles, will cause us to make adjustments. We either adjust or we run off the road. End of game.  

To remain in the game and keep moving forward, adjustment is a key component of life. Embrace it. Roll with it. Adjust and thrive or else your journey ends.