Baby’s Feet and Baptism

Recently I was sitting in church at one the many round tables situated in the room.  Directly in front of me a young mother had placed her baby in its car seat with its tiny feet pointing in my direction.  As much as I tried to ignore them, I was captivated by the precious, perfect little feet.  The child, who was probably only a few weeks old, was covered with a blanket all except for his little feet.  They were poking out and squirming back and forth innocently.  Try as I might, I was drawn in by the simplicity and innocence of these tiny feet.  Of course, they reminded me of my own children’s feet many years ago.  Something about the little feet and toes, coupled with just barely being able to see the child’s perfectly round little head, brought me extreme joy.  The innocence and beauty of the scene captivated me.

On the screen in front of the auditorium a video clip from the previous week’s service played showing a special needs boy being baptized.  Watching him proclaim his faith in Jesus and knowing that he was now a part of the kingdom of God brought was a big joy point for me.  I found myself in tears (small as they might have been).  My emotions were stirred by the combination of the baby’s tiny feet, along with this young man receiving Christ.  I didn’t fight the emotion, or the tears, but allowed myself to experience this moment fully.  I dabbed at my eyes without embarrassment, living fully in the moment.

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